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There is no sight in the world better than a little one bathed and ready for bed.  Em&Lu was created so that parents could enjoy dressing their children up in angelic outfits for storytime, lazy weekend mornings or on those late nights when wee ones are allowed to stay up and say hello to dinner guests.

Em&Lu have created their own unique designs incorporating the things that children love - Dinosaurs, Tractors & Red Indians for Boys; Ballerinas, Unicorns, Horses & Japanese Blossom for Girls.

All design and manufacture takes place in Bali, where the inspiration for Em&Lu was born.  Here, traditional hand screen printing techniques are still used, giving the prints a wonderful vintage, individual feel with no hint of mass production; colours may vary slightly and definition is soft, creating an effect of hand painting on fabric.  Each piece is carefully hand cut and tailor made, creating beautiful nightwear in 100% cotton for winter and summer.

Children love to wear Em&Lu designs, to revel in their comfort and to enjoy the stories each piece tells.  And for Godparents and Grandparents there will be no end of the pleasure gleaned from seeing these comforting, classic styles with a modern twist.