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Size Guide

Em&Lu Size Guide
  • Our clothes are cut based on European sizes, so should be true to size for an average sized child.
  • If your child is particularly tall it would be better to buy a size up.
  • If your child is petite they will are likely to fit into for example a 2-3 when they are 2.5 years old.
  • For in-between sizes choose the larger size
  • Please note all sizes are approximate.
  • Please note Waist sizes are measured to based on the unstretched elastic waistband
Long Pyjamas
1-2 years; Sleeve Length: 29cm, Trouser Length: 45cm, Waist: 42cm
2-3 years; Sleeve Length: 31cm, Trouser Length: 49cm, Waist: 44cm
3-4 years; Sleeve Length: 33cm, Trouser Length: 53cm, Waist: 46cm
4-5 years; Sleeve Length: 36cm, Trouser Length: 60cm, Waist: 48cm
5-6 years; Sleeve Length: 39cm, Trouser Length: 66cm, Waist: 50cm
7-8 years; Sleeve Length: 42cm, Trouser Length: 72cm, Waist: 54cm
9-10 years; Sleeve Length: 47cm, Trouser Length: 78cm, Waist: 58cm
Length of Nightie
2-3 years: 58cm 
3-4 years: 61cm 
4-5 years: 64cm 
5-6 years: 70cm 
7-8 years: 76cm 
9-10 years: 82cm
NB. Long Sleeve Nightie Sleeve Length is the same as the Long Pyjamas
Short Pyjamas
1-2 years; Sleeve length: 8cm, Shorts length: 18.5cm, Waist: 21cm 
2-3 years; Sleeve length: 9cm, Shorts length: 20cm, Waist: 22cm
3-4 years; Sleeve length: 10cm, Shorts Length: 21.5cm, Waist: 23cm
4-5 years; Sleeve length: 11cm, Shorts Length: 23cm, Waist: 24cm
5-6 years; Sleeve length: 12cm, Shorts Length: 24cm, Waist: 25cm
7-8 years; Sleeve length: 13cm, Shorts Length: 26cm, Waist: 27cm
9-10 years; Sleeve length: 14cm, Shorts Length: 28cm, Waist: 29cm
Dressing Gowns
Length of dressing gown:
2-3 years: 55cm
3-4 years: 59cm
4-5 years: 64cm
5-6 years: 68cm
7-8 years: 72cm
9-10 years: 80cm